How light up room so entire room maintains a consistent lighting

I’m having trouble lighting my interiors. When I put any type of light inside the floor, all the walls and roof get lit up nicely, but the floor remains grey.

How it looks by default with no lights.

The same problem still happens with putting the light in the roof as well. It also ends up getting super bright. I am using Future for lighting, but the same problem occurs across all lighting settings


Does this happen with only that texture? It looks like the image failed to load, which can sometimes be the cause of that. Try deleting/switching out with different images and see if the same thing happens.

The textures are blank. So it’s the parts color showing.

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After trying it out on my own, it seems that the light that it’s parented to will not be affected by the lighting.

My best option that you can do is just creating a light source in the very middle of the room like so:


Yea perhaps its doing that because of the light’s source part not being included in the illumination. so if you make the floor the source, it wont be lit. I have always made a small 1x1x1 invisible part for my light sources, and placed them in the center of the room. can also use attachments, put it in the floor, and raise the attachment up and make it the light’s parent.

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The absolutely easiest way to do this is so enable cast shadow to all the walls. This will allow the sunlight to pass the walls and you’ll get perfect lighting which has the same strength as outside. To do this just select the blocks and go to properties. Then find castshadow and enable it.

It’s easy and efficient. I like using it because it’s absolutely annoying adding lights everywhere where it’s dark.

I hope this helped you.

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Problem with that is the furniture then casts a shadow, and considering my game has day/night cycle means the shadows inside the house become really wack