How long did it take for you to get that moment where it all made sense

I am just starting out on coding and trying to learn the basics. Well a question popped into my mind, how long does it actually take until you can call yourself a “scripter”?

And do you guys have any tips on how to approach learning lua?


A month or two is all you need to be confident enough to understand a lot about programming. And learning any coding language gives you a huge headstart in learning another one.

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For the first question, I would say it depends. It took me years to confidently consider myself a scripter.

For the second question, when you get into learning Lua, try not to stick with tutorials all the time. Get out of your comfort zone sometimes and try to code something without the guidance of a tutorial.

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I think you should take a look at this - It’s not the exact same question but similar enough to answer your question. Also see this reply:

And my reply:

In my case, I keep learning more and more. I sometimes think I know a lot but that doesn’t last long, I find a new topic and notice how I know basically nothing. You might think that the former makes me happier, but no, the latter is far more exciting.

The question you’re asking is wrong, you shouldn’t care about how long it takes until you can call yourself a “scripter”. If the answer of the question is “too long”, would you stop learning? If you would, even if it doesn’t take too long, that means learning is pointless to you. The time it takes is not important.

Write code when it makes you happy. Write code the way it makes you happy. Don’t force yourself to code.

Perhaps more importantly, if you don’t understand something, don’t just skip it. For example, imagine yourself writing some code. Your code does not work. You tweak some values, and after that, it works. Some people might just say “If it works now, it works now.”. But what I think people should say is “Why wasn’t it working before?”. Answering that improves your questioning skills and also makes doing the same mistake again less likely. Of course, if that makes you unhappy, you can get help from others, like you can do here on the DevForum.

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Adding onto this, I don’t believe a bug/error is fixed if you don’t know what caused it. Because, if you figure out how it happened, it may lead to you fixing another bug because you know what the original bug was caused by.
For me, it’s incredibly annoying when a bug randomly comes about or fixes itself randomly, because I won’t know if it was roblox’s fault or not.

Another thing is the way you script things. Your code might work in the moment, but is it compatible for change so you can make your game more full? Is it easy to manage, read, etc? If not, you should probably recode it so it’s more efficient and modular. I wish I knew that a long time ago!

And about not giving up, I agree. The devforum is here anybody so there should be no reason to give up when your just starting to script.

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