How long do you have to wait to recieve a payout after joining a group?

I’ve heard that people have waited 2 weeks and some other people say it was lowered to 1 week, and some people even said 3 days. Is there a actual confirmed wait time to receive a payout after joining a group?

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As I remember making trialing working with a group, I needed to wait officially 14 weeks (2 weeks), however, it appears that I received in 8 days my payout through the group…

From my experience it took around 17 days when I first joined a group. So, expect at least 14 days until a new member of a group can qualify for robux (note that my experience was from february of last year, so it might come earlier, but expect them to qualify in 14 days).

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Have you check your Roblox message’s because Roblox send a message about a large amount Robux coming and you approve of that. It says “Robux credit pending, please review and accept the agreement.”