How long does it take for a new game to appear in the search algorithm?

My game Time Trial Obby was created 2 days ago and is a pretty good and fun game. Yesterday I started running ads. So far the game has 11 - 0 likes to dislikes, 8 favorites and 800 visits.

No matter how much you search for the game, it does not appear. Any idea on when or how my game will appear in the algorithm? Any info is appreciated.


You can expect it to get there once you have a decent amount of visits, like 10 thousand. Maybe it’ll take around a month to appear up there once you have that visit count. But it’s very strict; once you get to around a month old but not 10k visits your game will probably just be lost forever.


Actually this isn’t true, well unless things have changed but I doubt it. I cannot find the thread I’m looking for but I’ve seen discussions where it only takes good Average User Play Time to get it higher onto the search results page.

You can just get your friends to play it with you for around 30 minutes. Also your game name is very generic because multiple other games have that name. Naming it something completely unique will be a huge pay-off in the long run if your game is successful and it’ll take less average play time to get on the search algorithm.

Best of luck!


Thank you I appreciate your’s and the other dude’s answers!

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No problem! Also would you mind telling me how to get the Like/Dislike ratio filter at the top of the screenshot you posted? I can’t seem to find it in the games page.

It’s the Chrome extension called RoPro, specifically the Pro tier

That’s pretty strange. On days I have a 10 minute average I get more visits than if I got 12 mins. When my game first started it had 20 minutes average because it’s just friends. I know more average time = more concurrents but not visits.

I would like to add an updated. My game now appears in the search results! In my previous game it took 2 weeks, and this one took 2 days.


What did you do to shorten the time to get to search?


The information provided is largely inaccurate. My game experienced visits from other games through teleportation, and within a span of 3-4 days, there was a significant surge in visits originating from the search page.

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Yes because it was written before the algorithm revamp. My game absolutely took off in just 3 hours going from 100 to 1,500 players, but now it’s gotta be much more gradual.

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any tips how you did successful ways to improve visits of the players?

I bought teleports, but that costed me 200K robux. Pretty out of budget for most people. You either need a YTer to make a video on your game randomly and have amazing stats, or you need to have a budget. Games don’t just grow randomly anymore. They need good stats.


uhmm like 1 , or 2 months rather it depends on how quickly your game gets popular