How long does it take for game icon to get moderated and approved

Ok so i’ve been waiting for my new thumbnail and game icon to publish for about 3 hours now… And because they are still pending my player count has dropped from a usual 30 to now 5 players. Why does it take forever for game icons to update?? This is quite dissapointing.

How long does it take for an icon to get approved. It usually max takes 20 minutes I’ve been waiting for 3 hours now soon 4. What could be preventing this?


It really does depend sometimes it takes 10 min or 3 days at most. most of the time it takes a day or if your lucky a hour or 2

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Okay thanks appreciate it but i’ve just never experienced it like this and got a little frustrated since my player count dropped by a huge percentage

Yeah I would be pretty upset to.

There’s no specific amount of time moderation will take, but usually it will take anywhere between an hour and a day. If it takes any longer than 48 hours and you’re certain the icon hasn’t been moderated then I would recommend you reupload it, but this is very unlikely to occur.

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thanks for the help ill see how it goes

So I saw a handy tip in another topic for this. Upload the icon as a decal, wait for the decal to be approved, then change the icon, and since the file was already approved, it should be much quicker.

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okay ill let you know how it goes

I have a theory as soon as you upload it, it is moderated in around 1-2 minutes, but for the visual change seen on the website it takes a little bit to change. Around 5 minutes at most.

This can be prevented. Upload the game icon/game thumbnail on a blank place. If they’re accepted it you can instantly add the game icon/thumbnail to the main place and it will be instantly accepted because the system won’t re-moderate the exact same image twice.

Don’t upload it as a decal like @GalaxyGourmet suggested, I believe their sizes are different and it won’t speed up the process at all.

Also after reading more of the replies, my game icons only take about 3 minutes to upload? It’s detailed GFX too.


Usually it takes ~ 2 minutes for me and I have seen games (like Arsenal) that took their thumbnail like 1 day to pass moderation

It depends if Roblox has a lot of traffic to moderate images probably

99% sure there is an issue, I’ve been waiting 12+ hours for a simple game icon. I would’ve filed a bug report but I’m unable to.

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There’s no set time, sometimes it’s as fast as a few minutes while other times it can take hours. If it doesn’t get approved/declined in a day or two, try uploading it again or make a tiny change to it to see if it gets accepted. Or you could always try to wait it out and hope that it eventually is accepted.

Thanks! You are a lifesaver my game has been dead the whole day because there was no icon. You are a lifesaver thanks thanks!! :smiley:

It pretty much got accepted instantly

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The player count is back around normal now i cant thank you enough

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I have an icon thats still in the moderation process, and it’s been a month. What should I do?

Take you icon image and crop it down by a few pixels then upload the new icon to a game with no players, Then after that put upload the new icon to your real game, Roblox will already recognize that image so it gets accepted immediately.

The reason it can take long for bigger games is i think that they take longer to review bigger games, in case a big game uploaded an innapropriate icon it would reach a big audience thats why its faster with small games.