How long does it take for my portfoilo to be accepted?

I submitted my portfolio nearly 12 hours ago and it still hasn’t been accepted.
I am concerned over its status as I put a fair amount of work into it and I don’t want it to be lost.

It will not be lost. The PA team has a lot of posts to work with, and it will be approved at some point.

Post approval currently has a huge backlog so it can take a day or a few days for the request to be accepted/rejected.

Portfolios doesn’t have post approval on it.

What’s more likely is that you added a Discord link in your post and the forum filter blocked it. Please reach out to @DevEngagementTeam instead.


The Post Approval Team has too many more topics that are needed to be reviewed. Please be patient, your portfolio will get accepted soon.

It’s getting really tiring that people don’t read the previous responses before responding. Save yourself from looking silly and read up before posting.


People don’t read so locking this to prevent bumps. Answer has been given above.