How long does it take for Roblox to put back a moderated game?

I’m not sure what is the appropriate tags for this but I have a game that was wrongly taken down by Roblox but after appealing and waiting for a response, they said that they made a mistake taking it down and they will put back my experience.

That was at August 22 when they said that. Does it usually take this long to get a game back up?

A lot of people have this issue. It takes a long time to get a game put back up and a lot of the time it never gets put back up. Normally bigger games will be put back up a lot quicker though and because your game has 5.6M+ visits it is possible it will be put back up in only a few months but it is very likely it will be a longer.


However, is it ok for me to reupload the game? Would I get in trouble for that?

You can only reupload the game if you removed the moderated content.

Oh alright thanks for helping i appreciate it :slight_smile:

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if it still hasnt been put back, just message roblox on their support website:

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