How long does it take for roblox to review your game?

so I made a game called teenage mutant ninja turtles, and it was about teenage mutant ninja turtles (surprising I know) Anyway teenage mutant ninja turtles was copyrighted and was taken down. But now I changed the game to trash ninjas and removed all teenage mutant ninja turtle-ness (except for the sewers) and I re-published it. It’s been a week or so now and I still haven’t gotten any word about it. And I tried changing a badge which had a poorly drawn ninja turtle on it, to a poorly drawn trash ninja and it’s staying the same.

I’m wondering if roblox tells you if they won’t put your game back up or not, and why I can’t change the badge.

trash ninjas:
Trash Ninjas - Roblox

the badge:
ONE OF US! / Basic Settings (


The only thing I can tell you to do is publish the game to another place. If that same place was taken down due to copyright then it probably won’t be opened back up. So just take the game and publish it to an entirely new game and you should be good.

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