How long does it take to be a great 3D modeler?

I’ve been on Roblox for 2 years and I choosed my talent to be a 3D Modeler. The question for you guys is how long did it take you to be a great 3D Modeler and how many hours did you practice every week? Did you use any other external software?

I’m normally focusing on 3D Modelling and I wanted to know how other successful 3D Modelers achieved to their kind of level and hopefully will meet them in the near future.

Thanks for reading.


In terms of practice, it varies person to person how long they find their groove and what style they end up liking and honing. You’ll eventually realize how much practice you’ll need as you go along with anything; I doubt anyone consciously goes “I think ___ number of hours today will suffice” and end up doing so; I’d typically try learning a new skill though in one sitting (that’s just me personally.) Take as long as you need as long as you have the passion for learning and continuing.

The reason I state this is the fact you can’t force yourself entirely. Persistence is a key factor along with continuing interest.

It definitely won’t be an immediate change, which might be discouraging (which it is for me sometimes, being a reason I keep pushing it to the side.) I’m planning on delving into learning programs like Blender when I have the full free-time and an unvarying schedule just to make sure I can do certain tasks within the amount of time I might need.

In terms of software, I’ve heard that Blender 2.8 has a more user friendly UI, so that might be a factor to take in in terms of learning, but its still in beta.

You need to put in effort if you want to improve your craft- just like anything else. Be introspective. Be aware of your capabilities and what you wish to become in terms of skill.


Yep, persistence is a key factor for sure and by the way I’ve got blender 2.9 already, I don’t why blender 2.8 is on beta, apart from that your right I can only focus on one skill and be really good at it rather than focusing in other skills.

Not quite sure how you have Blender 2.9… Perhaps you are talking about Blender 2.79? Blender 2.8 is only in beta because it is not quite refined to its fullest extent, meaning there is a chance it corrupts your files. As far as I know, there is no Blender 2.9 that has been legitimately released.


Yikes, I ment 2.79 and yeah your right it’s only on beta.

Blender 2.8 goes live in July I think