How long should auto save intervals be?

What are the pro’s and con’s of saving too often?
What would be a recommended time i’m thinking around a minute to five minutes would like to base my decision on what you guys think.


Probably every 5 minutes, so that your game doesn’t overload with datasave requests every seconds lmao.

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What would be the con of too many datasave requests?

Well the cons could be:

  • Data doesn’t save properly
  • Possible lag

This would be assuming that you have multiple players in your game.

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Read this article from Roblox to see more information on possible errors:

Datastore Errors - Roblox

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Roblox will timeout your game datastores if too many requests are sent. Every 5 minutes is good. You can also make it so it saves when a player leaves, the server is shutdown, and only loads when a player joins. The only con would be if the player crashes they lose save data.


I believe thats why auto saving the data every 5 minutes would actually be the best choice, just in case a player crashes, their data would most likely be saved.

Yea. Making it save every second would just timeout your datastores, removing the point of datastores.

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Let’s say the maximum number of players in 1 server is 10. I recommend making the (numPlayers) the maximum number of players in 1 server (on this example, 10).

60 + 10 x 10 = 700 seconds is the minimum.

You could make autosaving sort of like that, or you can find out how many players are in the server and do this:

60 + (number of players in current server) x 10 as the cooldown.

Same applies with the Get Sorted but with different numbers and always 6 seconds minimum for write requests (for same key). Depends on what your using to save/load.