How long should you leave a server running before killing it?

I’ve got a solid server management system in place. Currently:

  • I can soft shutdown servers with a warning, currently set to 2 minutes (delayed shutdown)
  • I can soft shutdown servers instantly
  • I’ve scripted servers to “refresh” themselves every day at a certain time, if they have been running for over an hour. Currently set to 2AM PST. This clears out all of the old servers and reinserts the players in newly created servers. (basically a soft shutdown)

This system basically makes sure servers aren’t running for over a day. Is a day still too much for a server running, at least for my use case? My game is an open-world game, with players being able to interact with a lot of things. Expected to run 30 player servers.

P.S. Also, would you guys want a tutorial on how to do the three bullet points above?

I could see this being a useful tool to have for migrating players into new servers when updates are applied. But in terms of actual performance, I see no harm in not setting a cap for max server uptime. I’ve never used soft shutdowns before, and I’ve never had any server issues. If the game is programmed up to par, e.g: no memory leaks, there shouldn’t be a definite need for server migration.

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