How make a Gif (on Gui) using spritsheet?

I know a little. What I mean is do I have to change anything inside the code?

The only thing I can think of from the top of my head is this:

while task.wait(.1)

You can change the wait duration to speed up or slow down the gif.
Other than that, you just need to feed it the necessary data when calling the function. That should be it.

Because the reason why I am asking, I put the code into a script into the ImageLabel, and it seemed to not do anything.

You need to insert the image into the image label first, the function does not do that for you.

The image texture is of course inside the ImageLabel. What do you mean?

I meant this

Are there any errors popping up in the output?

No they’re no errors for what I see. Nothing happens. And yes I ofcourse did what you showed.

Try to add


at the start of the function to check if it’s the image label you indended.

Also, check that your numbers are correct. The image width and height should correspond with the spritesheet width and height, not the original gif.

What do you exactly mean at the last part on what you said? also I am not on my PC currently. I got off around 40 minutes ago, so I can not try it right now.

You have to convert your gif into a spritesheet. After converting, you will get a new image that looks like this: image

You need to get your image width and height from this new spritesheet.

And where do I put the Width and Height?

When you call the function. Add this line under the function and replace it with your data.


Like this? And what do I change the numbers with, do I keep them the same? as you sent?

I’ve made a tutorial on it.

Alright, thank you! I appreciate it! Btw you put a RBXM, isn’t it RBLX?

Tf i made that a hella time ago How ppl Still talking about it lmao.

Hey! I got it working, but how can I make it slower? It’s going a bit fast for my liking.

You can decrease the FPS, it’s the last number here.

It’s a roblox model file, not a roblox place file. RBXM was intentional.

I created a module with this, if anyone wants to use it: