ResampleMode - New Property for Image GUI Objects

Dear developers,

We are enabling a new property called ResampleMode on ImageLabel and ImageButton. This property can be used to switch the texture filtering method for image GUI objects.

The two resample modes represent the following texture filtering modes respectively:

The nearest neighbor filtering can result in aliasing and shimmering during size reduction, so we suggest you always use the Default ResampleMode, unless you specifically want a pixelated effect during the magnification of an image.

Resample Examples

Size reduction

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 3.31.42 PM


Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 5.00.54 PM

Special thanks to the support from @nacasagu to make this happen~


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Love this change! How long do you think it will be, if at all, until we see resampling options appear on Decals and Textures? I can see a lot of use cases for Nearest Neighbor “pixelated” scaling on 3d objects.


Will this come to Texture objects too? I currently have to use 1024x textures to get the same effect, which is terrible for memory usage:

And by this, I mean actual Texture objects, not SurfaceAppearances or MeshParts. I can’t use those because they’re too inflexible to be used in dynamically generated geometry.


Will this be applied to the actual Text on Text objects soon?


+1 on this. Pixel art textures for 3d meshes is one of my favourite styles.


Really cool, super handy for icons and sprites.
A major place this is additionally needed is on decals, textures, surfaceappearance, etc. because of pixelated art styles, which would also open the door to a lot of potential optimization. People currently cannot use few-pixel textures for simple flat shaded assets because of resampling, but with this they may be able to, and save a lot of texture download overhead.



Apart from what was mentioned above (parts, textures, decals, etc), it would be great to have this option on particles as well so we can make pixelated particle effects to accompany the UI/world style without needing huge images there.


An absolutely immensely needed change! I can see this being amazing for sprite-based games!

Maybe in the future we could have this apply to other cases where we can use image assets, such as textures on MeshParts? Right now I’d either have to increase the size of the texture drastically, or deal with the smudging that more reasonable texture sizes come with.

I’d love if we could create games and UGC items stylized like old PS1 games like Mega Man Legends, which have this incredibly charming low-poly style to them.


Love it!

Is there a possibility to see anti-aliasing in general for the rendering of Roblox experiences?


Very glad to finally see this released, I’ve been waiting a long time for this and it’s crucial for retro-themed games without needing to upload insanely large textures to Roblox which often make memory usage skyrocket, all just to have images that don’t appear very fuzzy.

It would be really nice to see a general base instance instead though for sampling mode for any image-related properties on any instances from MeshPart textures, to Decals/Textures, GUI ImageLabels/ImageButtons, particle textures, etc…


This. Is. HUGE. You can actually have pixel art now! It would be nice to see this on texture objects as well, but this is definitely a step in the right direction!

I’m going to have to update my insanely large images, as now I can save so much memory.


Took you 6 years to implement this


I’ve been waiting so so so so so long for this, thank you so much!! Finally my pixels can look as crisp as I’ve always wanted them to be!!


Amazing but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE we need this for textures, a 2x2 pixel texture needs to be turned into a nearly 100x100 texture in order to be clear.


Now this, this is epic.

Hopefully we get this for textures/decals and whatever.


I’m tempted to use ImageLabels inside a SurfaceGui instead of a decal in the event that this doesn’t come out for Textures/Decals

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Absolutely amazing addition, really hope we can get resample mode on MeshParts, Decals, Beams, Particles, Textures (pattern)

I’m not sure if I missed anything but yeah that would be awesome for retro styles like this, its really discouraging to attempt styles like this on roblox because you have to upscale your textures by alot to get the pixelated effect desired which isn’t very optimal for game memory.

Artwork by Lyud on Sketchfab


That’s totally fine and healthy feature prioritization – this is just a cosmetic improvement and there are bunch of other features released in the past 6 years that have way higher impact. Hope this isn’t a serious jab and you actually understand how prioritizing among millions of things to work on works.



I’m kinda like this btw, And i have been thinking, these new feature like this would work with Interface Tool Plugin. Prefectly fine?

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