How make part fit screen

im trying to make a gui where like if u jump the screen tilts and effects like that

but how would i make the part fit the screen

Wdym by make the part fit the screen?

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We try to work on it but we don’t have all the information could you be more precise with your spelling it would be much better to understand.

i have a part with a surface gui, how do i make the part fit the clients screen.

It would be better if you use Humanoid.Camera offset instead of idk what u doing but your just tilting your camera right?

You can edit this script I found that adds shaking for your camera you can probably cache it into a function and call it when the Humanoid.State is jumping

Local character = player.Character
local oldOffset = character.Humanoid.CameraOffset
for i = 0, shakeIntensity * 10 do -- use a value between 0 and 3 (shake intensity), you can also increase the iterations.
	local offset =,1), math.random(-1,1), math.random(-1,1))
	character.Humanoid.CameraOffset = character.Humanoid.CameraOffset:Lerp(offset, shakeIntensity * 0.25)

character.Humanoid.CameraOffset = oldOffset```
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