How make search bar for Gui?

Like when player press the Ultimate button for example, i want only show the ultimate skills on skill list

I dont know How start that, but i think i Will need put a StringValue on skill ImageLabel to detect the skill type, but i dont have any Idea How make the search system, Anyone can help?

If you have a list of the items in a data format somewhere such as a table or otherwise, that’ll make your job slightly easier. Most of what you’d be doing is then displaying items either if there’s no query, or matching items with the query and then displaying them.

First of all, I’d like to clear up, are you trying to make a search system or a filter system? I don’t want to give you wrong advice here. Your title says you want to make a search system but your inventory system doesn’t show a search bar, only a few filters at the bottom.


You can store this data in a table or as actual value instances. If you use StringValues, you would use a for loop to iterate through the children of the current UI, and check if their StringValue.Value == "Ultimate" then set all other ones invisible.

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I have the skills on DataStore, and i need a filter system

I suggest looping through each item and using string.sub() to check if the first X letters of the name are the current letters in the search bar.

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