How make swimmable water?

I want make custom water. Why? Because I want make realistic big waves, not that small in default roblox terrain.
But I don’t know, how I can force player to swim in this water? Setting humanoid state type to “Swimming” not work.
Also, the another problem is that boned mesh parts have the same collision before affecting bones, and after it. How convert visual bounds to collision?


Currently, you can’t make skinned meshes have proper collision. I’m sure there is some kind of workaround though.


Try using the following in the Search bar: “swimming in part water”
Are you concerned about how players will float in the water when a big wave passes them by?

When wave passes through player - player will be pushed. (If wave will be strong - it will possibly hurt player)

Only possible way is to make a mesh, form it, ect. Put real water underneath it and that’s the only way to make them swim.

Won’t work as I want - due to thing that I created fully custom character, it unable swim even in default roblox water.

Custom characters can be hard to deal with, wouldn’t know how to handle it with custom characters.

It’s going to be difficult.
You’ll constantly have to sense where the player is compared to the water surface and whether that section of ‘water’ is moving up or down.
If you are in real water and 1 meter below the surface you’ll be pushed up and down depending on the height of the wave. This means there’s a different force applied (upward or downward) depending if the water surface is rising or falling.

There’s actually a formula for how deep a wave affects the water below it in this article: Wave Energy and Wave Changes with Depth |