How many accessories can you equip at once on Roblox?

I would like to know what the maximum of equipped accessories are.

I didn’t quite find what I was looking for when searching on google or the search feature on here.

What I am specifically looking for, is a rundown list, of all possible accessories you’re able to equip, and the amount you’re able to equip. (This includes the amount you’re able to equip with the advanced feature in the Roblox avatar editor)

The reason I am asking in this section, is because it is for scripting related purposes. :slight_smile:

The total amount you can have is 10.

Not quite the answer I was looking for. For example you can’t equip 10 hats, right?

You can if you use the advanced editor. Just if you have 10 hats, you can’t have any other accessories because you hit the limit of total accessories.