How many moving parts can roblox handle?

I have a game idea that may involve dozens of spheres with bodymovers. with or without streaming enabled can roblox handle that many simulated parts?

Exactly how many of these parts do you think you’re going to use? I don’t have a big understanding of Roblox capabilities but assuming you’re going to use less than like 500 l I would think you’re fine. Maybe even 500 is fine. Depending on what you’re doing too you could always optimize and find a better way to do it.

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It should and most likely will. Some larger obbies have hundreds of moving parts between levels, and they run just fine.

Depends on how many moving parts there are, Depends on whether these parts will be colliding with other parts. Depends on how large the parts that are moving are.

You can increase performance by filtering collisions, but really, there is still a performance hit it’s just not as bad as the parts actually colliding. It’ll take some experimentation to figure out something that works well for your use case if you want exact numbers.