How many objects are too many objects?

I am currently making a very building oriented game right now and i am very worried about the optimization. My solution to this is to have a variable that tracks how many items you placed down and limits you to about 200 items.

The max amount of players is 8 so around 1600 cloned items if for some reason everyone reached the cap for there building.

I am very new in the concept of cloned items so would 1600 models in a game make it laggy? If not i might be inclined to make a Gamepass that allows 400 items to be placed.

Thanks for your help with this :sweat_smile:


Rather than limiting models, it would probably be better to limit parts. Roblox should be able to handle 8000 and maybe 10000 parts per player as long as the player plots are spaced out and players dont have to build in a very enclosed space (rendering is faster when stuff is spread out)



That’s the amount of parts in an old road simulation.

Once forgot to anchor them and they lagged my high-end pc…