How many people are playing in each country

This would be a new live stat and data graph in developer stats. With the introduction of “Popular in x country” category on the gamepage, it would be nice to see where our audience is coming from.

For the data graphs, it would show how many people in each country have visited and how much they have spent in each time sort.

If there is anyway this can be added without violation of COPPA, it would allow us to cater and add things to our game from those countries that may like different things. This is not me asking for the player’s country in game though.


Support. It would be awesome if roblox could make a blog post to show how many active users from each country there are.


They have shown statistics in their yearly reports and at RDC I believe.

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In the Roblox HQ they have a tv screen that shows all the active players and where they are joining and playing from. A lot of them are coming through a VPN service in South America called HMA.

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Haha, yeah. It’s in argentinia iirc - the worlds largest spike of users all from one subnet.
approx. 800,000 users are on the site at one time (at the time of RDC) when I toured the HQ

However yeah - region data would be super useful per-game. I’d really like some sort of stats regarding:

  • How many players visited my game page
  • How many players then visited my game
  • How long the players spent on my games page before leaving / playing

It’d be nice to have a hub of all data - including ad impression rates relative to different stats, graphing, and other statistics.


As for safety/privacy concerns, this data could always only be shown once there’s a certain amount of player activity in your game. And never provide more specific information than the number of people playing from a country.

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From my understanding of COPPA, your country of residence does not allow anybody to personally identify you. It also doesn’t need to be stored in pairs to exist in analytics.

Or maybe I don’t understand COPPA

Support. I’ve always wanted to know how many people from my own country play my game.

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I want to see stats on this so I can see which languages my game should be translated to first