How many people would it take to make a big open world game?

My game is something like Roblox The Wild West, or Welcome to Bloxburg. For games like those, how many people would it take to make it? If it were only one person (me), how long would it take to complete it?


It depends on how you imagine the game, is it simple and easy to figure out like bloxburg or is something like Dawn of Aurora, which is a bigger open-world game, and more complicated than bloxburg, I’m pretty sure Bloxburg was created by one person If I’m not mistaken, but it really depends on the scale of the project.


It depends, if your just making the game and then your done and it’s not a big game you could just have a builder and a scripter. If you want to make a big game like world zero (that’s open world, right?) Then your gonna need way more people.

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im willing to help build it with you with the building aspect of it for free if you want.

It actually depends on you on how many people you would want to help you create a big open world game. I probably think that you’re aiming to make a role-play game and role-play games require a decent amount of developers.

  • Builder
  • Scripter
  • UI Designer
  • 3d Modeler
  • Artists

A role play game sometimes may require a huge amount of developers and sometimes a small amount of developers. If you’re more experienced in your development field then its a pretty good for you and your team. Anyways, I hope this helps and good luck ^^

It kinda depends on your plan to make the game. You want it simple you could need some but if it is alot of things added to the open world game then you would need alot of people to help.

There are also other possibilities where a scripter is a kinda expert they can take care some of the parts and the others would be a few people.

But it would depend on your plan for the game

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There is honestly no correct answer to this, nor any direct one I or anyone else here can give.

Open world games are extremely tricky topics to work with when thinking about the development process. It can range from one developer (you) to sometimes over 100 (if you’re thinking of making something like an AAA game). Open world games were something I researched for a while, and although I never got around to making it, I have some steps that helped me in the early stages of development (again, I never finished as a solo dev).

  1. Write a story
    This seems pretty unimportant at first, but a lot of roblox games use stories, and this is the most crucial thing, especially when it’s an open world game. Think about the main plot, character interactions, sub plots, etc. Think about what path the player needs to take in order to complete an objective. Is this world with multiple players or just one? If it is multiplayer, can they interact with each other?
  2. Designing
    Despite the name, you still aren’t going to open roblox studio yet, rather make a map or diagram of your entire map. This includes the full map, towns, random encounters, etc. Put where the player is going to spawn. Place down where dungeons or settlements are going to be. Character interactions. This can be ruffly drawn and be totally unreadable, however you need to have an understanding of what you’re even making.
  3. Development
    Now it’s time to think about how many people it would take to make this. Honestly, this is where I fell short because I didn’t have a team. You will need a builder for building literally the entire map. Depending on the size, I would get about 2-3 builders for a medium small map. Since you’re making a big one, I would hire about 5 or 6.
    3d Modelers will be working closely with the builders making assets for them, so I would hire about the same amount of builders.
    Artists and UI designers will also be working closely to make all the UI in the game. Depending how many different screens there are is dependent on how many artists and designers you need.
    Scripters, in my opinion is one of the hardest jobs with an open world game, and you will need a large team to work on this, to be safe, I’d say about 10 people, but more is recommended.
    And while all these jobs might sound tempting for you to join in on, you would need to stay as the manager of the team, making sure everyone is doing their job and getting deadlines on time. Your job is the hardest.

If you are working on this all solo, it will take an extremely long time to accomplish, unless your are able to work on one hour of sleep, and even them it can take a while.
Over all, I would hire a team, and be warned, making a large open world game could take over a year to develop. Let me know how your development process is going!