How many scripts do you usually use in your games?

How many scripts do you usually use in your Roblox games? 10 50 100 or more? Tell me Below!


Depends on what game it is.
Simulator: 100+
Roleplay: 300+
Story: 100+

That’s just me (also i don’t really know how to script but this is based on work ethic)

Wow Thats a lot thanks for answering my question. :grinning:

Actully I don’t make games but most games will have hundreds of scripts.

When I first made my semi-popular game, I used to have like over 35-50 scripts inside ServerScriptService, and my gosh was it so messy to organize

But eventually as time passed, I went & resorted to using either 10-15 scripts mainly cause:

  • It’s more optimized & organized so that you can call your coroutines and other functions smoothly

  • You can easily define your variables inside the script without having to individually go through each script

  • It feels satisfying (Yes)

The amount of scripts usually also depend on how much performance your game can handle as well, especially if they’re in the workspace doing different things

Also I do think this belongs in #development-discussion :thinking: This is #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, mainly used to help people with issues relevant to scripting errors and such

I use around 10 - 50 scripts because I like to merge scripts because It would be messy if I have a lot of scripts, I also do this because It’ll be easier to make changes to a script and less performance.

Yeah this probably should be in #development-discussion.

The less scripts, the better. Instead of putting individual scripts, I like to clone a script and place them in specific parts using for i,v in pairs. So for example, instead of writing 50 scripts that are for 50 kill bricks, I would make 1 script, put all the kill bricks in a folder, and clone the script into all the bricks. Just the little things lmao. Overall for my games I would say right around 30-40? Not even. Usually my entire systems can fit into a single script. It all depends on the kind of game.

Intresting… Thanks for the answer @funnyfunns. I appreciate it. :grinning:

Oh Sorry. I’m New so I thought this is where it would go thanks though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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