How many systems is to much when using ECS?

I’ve recently learned about ECS and I’ve been kind of hooked on to it I think it’s a really neat way to structure your code the issue is though which is the case for most new things is it’s a bit confusing to properly use.

Currently, I’m trying to rewrite my project’s movement using ECS, and keeping NPCs in mind I’m trying to keep things generic so I can reuse code for them later. I have 4 systems at the moment Input, IsGrounded, Jump, and Evade (essentially dashing, but will make you immune to incoming attacks)
Screenshot 2022-09-18 205435

am I making too many unnecessary systems, or is this how I’m supposed to use ECS? I know the point is to try and break up your code into these systems to reduce complexity, but making too many systems will probably end up just adding complexity. What should I do?

If its a problem you can refactor it later, split it up or combine it.

Personally the problems I face is that my systems are too big and do everything which im trying to split up rn. However itll still work just a pain to scroll through and find that bit of code.

The good thing is that ECS libaries provide you with methods do this with more control over things such as order of script execution.

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