How many times do you retry in case of failed Datastore request?

When writing to an Ordered datastore, how many times do you retry in case of failure and with what waiting time between retries?


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Really depends on what you’re saving and how important it is.

Are you making a leaderboard (a common use of Ordered DataStores)? If so, you might not even need to retry. If you are saving a player’s stat to a leaderboard you might be fine lettng it fail and hoping it succeeds next time. If the data is still safely stored in the player’s data, the fact that it isn’t on the leaderboard for a while is usually not a big problem.

If you’re on the other hand saving something that would get lost in case of failure, you might want to retry 3-5 times with a few seconds in between. But this also depends on how many players’ data you’re saving at once. You would most likely reach the datastore limit by requesting 5 times for each player at once.

If it’s something very important, you could retry a few times with just a few seconds in between, if it still fails, wait a bit longer (30 seconds?) and try a few times again.
If a DataStore fails this many times, retrying will most likely not help as some Roblox servies might be down.

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