How many triangles are too many triangles?

I am building a city for my game. The last city I made was 2 Million triangles in total and crashed games for anyone on a lower end device, or would cause lag spikes/frame drops throughout the city.

Me and my builder have created a new city.

So far, this city is around 334k triangles.

When making a big city like this. How many triangles are too much, and how many triangles should I aim for to give a smooth experience?


too much triangles
anything above 3 million

if you aim to make a big city then aim for something under 1 million while still having a nice build of triangles maybe for the lower end devices
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Hi there!
Optimization is definitely head-scratcher we all have to solve sooner or later.

While the total triangle count is important, it’s not the only factor to consider, as explained in detail in this post.To oversimplify the issue, I’ve found that in most cases going beyond 3 million triangles can start causing strain on some computers. As for players using phones, it’s a good idea to keep that number even lower, around half, to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.
Also keep in mind that methods such as content streaming can really make a positive impact on how smoothly your game runs.

Best of luck with your project! I hope my answer was able to provide some helpful informations. If you run into any other issues or questions during your project, feel free to reach out ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy building!