How many triangles is too many for unions?

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but I require your knowledge. I’ve been making vests and other attachments for the vests like radios, and batons, using mostly CSG parts. I want to make sure these things don’t lag, when for example somebody dies and the vests fall through the map (assuming I don’t make the bodies ragdoll). While I do not have exact numbers, the armor (with attachments) should have upwards of 5500 triangles combined from all the CSG parts. Will this cause lag?

Won’t it be better for you to just make the vest in Blender? Models don’t lag as much as unions plus you’ll be able to create more complex shapes.

That would be great but I don’t know how to use Blender, and I don’t have the robux to hire somebody. Unions will do just fine for now.

Lag in this case has a lot of variables to consider, including:

  • What device are you targeting? A $2,000 gaming laptop? The iPhone 4S?
  • How many unions of that triangle account will you have?
  • How many unique unions will there be?
  • What else is going on in the level? Millions of parts?

If the armor is meant for a dozen characters with limited meshes elsewhere, you won’t have a problem. For a specific case, your best chance will be to actually test it with the target hardware. The minimum spec on mobile is the iPhone 4S, which on eBay goes for about $30-$50.