How many way could you advertise your game without spending any robux?

First off, i don’t know where such advertising question belong to. So if its happen that i posted this in a wrong category. Please redirect.

So uh, i want to know how many way i could use to advertise my games without spending any robux other than mouth to mouth method. Because unlike other developer out there. I am a developer without any money spent onto developing and marketing. Because the price of advertising is beyond my capability, even one day regular advertising could cost one week food supply.

So as a free developer. How many way could i go through to advertise my game and possibly getting it popular without any money spent. I know this is a longer way to go. But i may willing to go through it in order to get my game atleast known by several people.

Also a question regarding advertisement. Not neccessary to answer. But i'll be thankful if you know.

How do you advertise showcase game? I’ve seen some showcase game got a lot of visit but never seen it got advertised before.


I have also been in your position and know the answer. Here are a few ways that worked for me:

  • Use YouTube to grow your game (Make a Trailer on Your Channel, Get your friend to make a video about your game)

  • Grow your game by getting people to invite their friends.

  • Use GRP (Group recruiting Plaza) it is where people can recruit for their game/group. (mainly used for Hotels and Cafes)

Hope it helps! Also, the title and text have misspells. Change “Way” to “Ways”.


@TotallyTrustful made a JoJo game and grew it from nothing, and got up to 50 concurrent players each day and he barely spent any robux on advertisement thats what he told me . If I can remember correctly, he asked some friends to test out his game, and his friends invited more friends.


Yea, it grew mostly word of mouth. If you get a lot of connections you can eventually get a small playerbase, though it may take a while.