How may I end up making this details on characters possible, or is it even possible?

Hello people,

So today, I was making an detailed ragdoll for my realistic game project, or whatever you might consider it as. And here comes the moment where I need to add some detail to the character.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category/subforum or whatever is it called, I really don’t know where this question belongs…

Here is the regular ragdolled character without details.

So, I want to add a bit of visual mess.

You probably cant notice it because of my orange shirt, here is it without the shirt

But this is the most I can achieve, but I don’t want this! (Using ShirtGraphic)

I want to it to be like this. (Using an actual Shirt)

Using an actual “Shirt” to cover all of the upper body with the dirt effect. But I cant manage to use this second method I want, because you cannot overlay 2 shirts.

So, how do I manage to make the second effect, with the dirt decal all over the upper body, since I can’t use Shirts, nor I don’t want to use ShirtGraphics (T-shirts) since they only cover the front of the upper and lower torso. I want to make the ragdoll look exactly or somewhat similar like it is in the last picture. Any help appreciated!


There is probably a better way to do this but you could separate the parts of the dirt shirt into the individual body parts and sides of the body parts and then put them on as decals on the body parts.

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Here is the problem, doing this leads to the result that I didnt want, resolutions are different, and you could see where it repeats the decal, other than that,…

…the even bigger problem is, the shirt shown is actually an one big image automatically converted by studio into the shirt template, since if you didnt know, you can just paste decal ids into the Shirts and actually get an auto generated shirt, I just took the Shirt element from explorer, and pasted in the Asset ID of the Image.

This is probably hacky but you can try making a duplicate Humanoid that wore that “shirt” on top of the original player/NPC. Or you might just have to simply give up using a shirt since there is no other way I know to overlay a second shirt.

Hmmm, seems as an good idea, but that would be hard, since this is a moving ragdoll, I know it is possible, but not sure how to approach it, I will try something, but don’t think it will lead me somewhere.

Welding or constraints may help.

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