How much blood is ok?

I’m trying to make horror game that includes blood. My ideas are blood splattering through skin and a short death scene where protagonist gets stabbed in the eye with a knife but blood not like the first idea, but in the background with the game over showing.

Examples are Puppet Combo’s Power Drill Massacre & Nightripper Gameover scenes.

However, I don’t want to get banned from ROBLOX. I have so many memories on my account.

I would like to know if my ideas are safe to use and what I should NOT do.

Note that my protagonist is very similar to Puppet Combo’s protagonists. They are human and use real life human faces.


Based of current popular games such as combat warriors, criminality, roblox allows pretty much more than decent amount of blood in thier games. Aslong as its not extremely violent you should be ok.

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Have you ever played REDBOX 2? I think you can have as much blood as you want

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real life human faces.

This gives me major doubts.

Read the guidelines for gore in the Community Standards.
" Although some experiences on Roblox may include weapons and violence, we don’t allow content that contains extreme violence or serious physical or psychological abuse, including:

  • Animal abuse and torture
  • Realistic depictions of extreme Gore
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of war crimes or human rights violations, including torture"

I would:

  • 100% include a warning before entering the game.
  • Consider an on/off feature for heavy blood & gore, not all, but heavy amounts.
  • Make sure you absolutely don’t allow console users access to this game.

Hy, I totally agree with you, o only have one question, why shouldn’t you allow Console Players or enter the Game? I don’t understand sorry :sweat_smile:

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There are different guidelines for console that you must adhere to if you make your game available for console (this is mainly due to the rules of xbox/Microsoft with rated E games).

However, I would recommend not going overboard with violent and/or gruesome content. While some games do show rather intense depictions on Roblox, I still don’t suggest going that far. Aside from being disturbing to many, and keep in mine that Roblox is a childrens game first and foremost (although the new age rating thing may help with that some), the rules regarding it are also a bit vague. There also seems to be some dependency involved in which games are moderated and which aren’t. You are ultimately responsible for your own works, but even outside of the context of Roblox, I don’t think visuals like that are needed to make a good horror game. Good horror comes from the unknown and anticipation, not cheap jump scares and shock value (examples include atmosphere and stress management). I would recommend looking into how Amnesia or Alien Isolation works, it’s quite interesting.

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Oh okay, taht makes sense, thanks!

Please, don’t say that name, I got nightmares because of it :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


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