How much concurrent players does a game on the RHTRO sort regularly get?

Hey, just wondering what the average concurrent players for a game on the rthro sort would be and what impact it will really have on a new game? Would it be steady? Currently my game has an average playtime of about 15 minutes.


From what I have seen is about 5-10 players at the mostly that have rhtro.

Well, that off of what type of game it is like if it is a murder game you will see more rhtro because they think there “hitbox” are smaller cough there not.

Yes after people mostly stopped hating on rhtro because found a good use for it. cough

Now, it’s mostly based off of what type of game it is if you want to see less or more of rhtro.

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No, the rhtro sort. Not rthro itself. Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology


My game had around 20 through 40 something players when it was first implemented and during the first half of the time period, however it slowed down to about 12 to 15 for the second half of the time in-total in just a single session for example awhile back when it was in the program…

Now in-total visits for the month, I had 154,110 for the month of January; the month it was on there, while before-hand I had 659 from the February of last year, and so far for this month after it was off of the sort, it’s at 980 so far.

For the Average Visit Length (min.), it had lowered however, as in January it was at 5.60, while the month prior before being added it was at 7.34, so I’m still not too sure what exactly happened there.

Anyways if your game is ready to go, I’d recommend giving it a shot, hope this helps!