Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity. Unfortunately, the sort has been deactivated and this opportunity has ended.

Hey Developers,

This past year has been an exciting one for Roblox; we’ve shipped some amazing technology that will take your Roblox games to new heights and offer more customization options than ever before. Recently, we shipped the first phase of “Future is Bright” and enabled Rthro scaling to enhance player experience in-game.

Here at Roblox, we love to see developers trying out the new technology that we release to Studio. In efforts to spotlight these early adopters, we are going to start featuring experiences that have adopted Rthro technology. In the future, we might also begin to include games that leverage Future Is Bright and other new technologies that elevate games to the next level.

This is an opportunity to get your game in the Featured Games sort, one of the top three sorts on the Games page, and to increase your game’s exposure on the Roblox platform. This is also a chance for you to nominate games that support Rthro, whether they are your own games or the creations of another developer. Additionally, developers whose games are selected for this special opportunity will receive an exclusive hat on the Roblox website!

Please fill out this survey to nominate games for display in the sort.

We plan to regularly update the sort and highlight exciting, impressive creations created by our developers that display the capabilities introduced by Rthro avatars.

How are these games discovered by players?

  • These games will be discovered by displaying a game icon which indicates the use of the Roblox technology.

What are the requirements for the nomination?

  • Body Type must be >70%
  • Player Choice Disabled
  • Minimum of 100 concurrent players

All other avatar settings are up to the developer to set.

Example of Avatar Settings


What are some of the benefits of this opportunity?

  • Exclusive hat for early adopters of Rthro (Games added to the Sort)

  • Exposure from players playing with new Rthro avatars

Where are these games listed on the sort?

  • 3rd row of the Games page

Which platforms will this opportunity be available on?

  • PC, Phone and Tablet and Xbox


Developer Relations Team


That makes me sad :frowning:


Sounds great, ill think about it :yum:


Shouldn’t be forced :frowning:


:wink: I love the support for early adopters


So basically the start of a new featured cycle but this time it is to get games that use new Roblox technologies up on the sort? I see. Cheers for the opportunity, but I have nothing to show.


If anyone wants it, I can release my API that lets you get a Roblox package and the assets in it, until Roblox releases their version to the public that is. It just uses the web API from Roblox and a modified verson of Crazyman32’s R15 package changer.

Edit: Roblox broke this. It currently doesn’t work in my game. I’m trying to see what I can do to fix it.
Edit 6/23/2020: Use HumanoidDescriptions to easily change packages now. Glad this feature was made.
My testing place uncopylocked. You can see the old module in ServerStorage named Armor.bak.


Can’t wait for this category to expand past just RThro. I’ve got some games that use new features creatively that unfortunately can’t be submitted right now due to them using custom character models and not RThro


I’ve adapted Rthro into my game, however I’m not going to remove player choice just to get featured because a lot of my players still love r6. Kind of disappointing that my ability to script my game for both r6 and r15 is actually a disadvantage in this case. :frowning:


Well there goes my chance of a nomination, my game lets players decide what avatar they want to use lol.


My game that I’ve been working on won’t be able to do this, because too much has already been made for the default R15 scaling. When they start doing this for lighting technology, then I might be able to do this.


What does this mean for games that do not use Rthro and/or have a more rigid avatar as part of their gameplay experience? Will these games simply not qualify for Featured moving forward?

the Featured program has always helped up-and-coming developers launch great new games. I understand that displaying new technology is an important factor for Roblox to promote games to their players, but where features such as ‘Future is Bright’ are highly flexible and backwards-compatible, Rthro is not.

It would be a shame if the Featured program is repurposed to promote/push new features instead of great games.


Ooooh, my game Solaris is using ViewportFrames and FIB so looks like it’ll qualify in the future :slight_smile:

I sure hope this is just an addition to the featured program and not a replacement, though.


I’m one of the developers on featured under this new program and it is different from the featured sort from my understanding.


The announcement includes

This is an opportunity to get your game in the Featured Games sort, one of the top three sorts on the Games page

which makes me think it is a direct replacement of the existing Featured program / the regular Featured sort.


Would a game having 0% to 100% qualify?


I’ll wait for inception to clarify.

There is important information missing from the thread I am not sure if it was left out on purpose.


Being in the featured games group I agree with Whose. From what we’ve been hearing from IT it doesn’t seem as if this will be a direct replacement.


I literally just finished my game and while it’s R15 compatible it isn’t Rthro compatible.

Considering I was planning on using the featured program for the first time with this game, I will not be a happy camper if I need to redo it to be Rthro compatible just to get it potentially nominated.


It has to be 70%+ as said in the quote you put in your reply.