How much costs this build?

Recently I found this old build, I wonder how much would it cost (R$ or $).
tell me your opinion!

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500 R$ max unless you’re going to continue on a bigger project with the buyer with this build included, such as a small town.

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no this is WAY more that 500 robux i would say something like this is probally like 5k if theres no free models im not to sure but i would prob pay that


I would disagree, completely the opposite. R$1k is where I would set the minimum to. Even R$3-5k would be acceptable.

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At the very minimum, 1.5K, although it should be in the 2-3K range. 500 robux for this kind of quality is almost a scam.


@IT1024 @PhenomenonGalaxy @R0bl0x10501050 The point is not the quality. Many Roblox “industries” sells very high quality vehicles, weapons for a very cheap price, because it is not personalised and sold multiple times.
If the build was after my blueprints, it would cost 1000 R$ - 4000 R$, but the situation here is that it would not fit in your game unless you literally have the same exact building style as OG. You can’t use the commission price on a finished product.

he uses a realistic style which is pretty commonly. and the house could just be used as a house but i like to see it as more of just a better looking asset pack instead of having all the asset just in a line they decide to make a scene with them you dont have to use the exact house since you can take it apart and change it even just take some of the models and add them to a different build

It is certainly not used commonly in games, but mainly hangouts or showcases. Either way the build is not big enough so the guy will have to commission someone else to continue the map, so why not let one guy build everything to your liking? Of course, unless the premade product is cheap.

100% certain that this wouldn’t be priced at 500 ONLY. It’s around 1.5-2k at minimum. (don’t hate me im not good with deciding prices, this is just what I think D:)

I agree here, I would however put my max to around 750 R$.

The exterior has a lot less attention than the interior and is a little bland in some areas and almost empty. Unless the person buying this has a similar build style, I don’t really see how this would fit in well with something else. In my opinion you’re only really paying for the interior rather than the exterior.

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In all honesty, this is worth a good 2K Robux max. It’s a pretty nice small build but nothing crazy to go much higher.

Do you do low poly? If you do please hmu with a portfolio!

i think he said 500 robux not 500 real dollars but 30k seems like alot

Lol. Yea he did. My bad lol sorry everyone

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it’s a really nice build, I think that if all of the parts and meshes are not premade it would really determine the price