How much could I sell my renders for?

Merry Christmas everyone! :santa:

I was planning to do a render commission - getting paid for making each one of the renders. I use Blender and a bit of Photoshop for some editing. I was curious how much should I charge for each render?

Any other feedback on the render would be much appreciated!


100 - 300 for each is a great price! You should add effects to it too.

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What type of effects are you meaning by?

Something like this, You can use photoshop or adobe after effects.


Yeah, I might be able to do that. Thank you for the feedback!

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Iā€™d say you can sell this from about 100 R$ to 300 R$

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100-300 robuxs is good for starting but when you get into making custom textures and such, you can raise the price.

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