How much could I sell this model for?

So I have this model which was made more than a year ago… And now I am kinda interested in selling it to a potential buyer.

Firstly, I don’t deal with modeling and building. I am a GFX artist. This was made entirely for fun.

  • The model (at level 5) has a tris of 45k at max.

  • It’s not a very great model, but I believe it’s decent enough for my first attempt.

  • It comes as a blend file.


I like it. It’s like fantasy thing ill say around 18k

Maybe around, 17k-20k

Isn’t the amount too big?
As I said it’s a blend file, and not even professionally made.
It lacks realistic materials too.

I think it is a great project. Steampunk is always full of insane/fantasy things and you nailed it. 17k will be my final answer.

I say a poll will do good

  • 0-10k
  • 11-15k
  • 16-20k
  • More specifically, around 18k

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I would pay 14k for that

So it is decided then. The blimp is now on-sale for 5-7k.

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