How much could I sell this small asset pack for?

Hello, I have just begun my 3d modeling journey. I am right now just learning the basics of blender. I am making a game, and I’m trying to learn the values of models to hopefully in the future sell my work.

I had just made this little scene today, and I was wondering what would be a good price to sell these 7 assets.

Its honestly not bad, I think a good price to pay for this would be $2-3.

But i would also consider how much time you spent on this. The more time, the more you should charge for it. I would do like

1 Hour = $1
2 Hours = $2

But its definitely up to you. Just keep the price reasonable and i’m sure you will get lot’s of sales.

First of all, selling is not allowed on the devforum, I am not sure about this topic either but I will give you an estimate, since most of the models are pretty simple, apart from the couch and plants, I’d sell it for about 300 robux.