How much do you think scripters like me should get payment-wise?

So I have taken multiple whole game jobs, thinking that a payment of around 30-50% is good. But, as I was reading around, I found out that some scripters should get paid more. So, I was wondering how much is a good payment for a high quality scripter in percent?

In my opinion, it always depends on how much you contribute compared to everyone else. If they’re also creating high quality content, everyone should get around the same pay (scripter a bit more, probably around 40%).
Again, just my opinion


Depends on what you’re coding and who is coding it with you. If you’re the only scripter on the team I’d go for 35 - 65% (depends on games complexitiy). If it’s something simple like a simulator I’d recommend getting 40% (assuming that the owner actually contributes to the team and doesn’t take a fat cut for doing nothing). If it’s something advanced like say… an advanced shooter. I’d go for upwards of 60%.


I can’t give you a good answer without knowing what type of game you’re making. Without this info, it could be anywhere from 25% to 60%.


If I’m scripting, I always make sure I’m paid a fixed amount (e.g. 100K R$). Then, I might ask for a percentage on top of that if I’m going to continue updating the game later on.

I highly recommend you read this thread:

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There is not set rate that is “fair”

In business you negotiate for your own self interest based on how much you bring to the table.

If a game is mostly scripting heavily and you do all the coding then yes maybe you can try to argue for higher than 50%. There are situations where this is fair.

In a game there is the obvious work Building, Scripting, Art, Animation, Audio, etc. But then there is also unclear value like investment, marketing, intellectual contributions, management/planning, etc which are also all valuable parts of developing a game.

A big part of owning equity, that is often overlooked on roblox, is how much risk is being absorbed. Often times the owner of the project isn’t doing the most work but because of him paying everyone an upfront amount he absorbed more risk and therefor takes a higher percentage in the long run.

Look at the whole team, all the work that needs to be done, and try to gage how much you think you did in the process. I find that most of the time 40%-50% is fair for a scripter, but it falls on each developer to set and argue for their own value.

If you think you did more than 50% of the work, than advocate for that.
If you think someone else would pay you higher, than go chase that opportunity.
Don’t be ashamed to argue for your value, but also look around the table and try to be fair. This advise I apply to all forums of development.

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Depends on the job… usually scripters take 50% or more if they are doing a scripter/builder duo

I always go for a fixed amount, I know many people on here expect 60% of a game’s earnings, and I just don’t think that’s realistic these days. You’ve got graphic designers, modelers, sometimes you even have two scripters.

So yeah, I always take a fixed amount, because, if you can’t pay me upfront then how are you going to fund the game itself.