How much do you think this build is worth?

Hello, I recently created a lobby and I’m planning to sell it. I don’t really know how much I should sell my lobby for and I would like some input on the price.

The total size of the lobby is ~350x350

Images of the lobby

Any input is appreciated


In my opinion, this wouldn’t sell for more than 500 to 600R$, it’s a bit plan and there’s not much vegetation.

I would say around 400-450 would be fair for this lobby, as it is not the most detailed and seems a little empty. The houses are nice.

800-900 robux, it would be higher if there were different types of buildings, instead of them all being copy and pasted over and over. You should add different styles of trees and types of vegetation. Doing so will most likely make the price higher, if you put more effort into it.

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Dont low ball the price, you can charge alot higher if you change up the trees to something more low poly, and add particles in the map that emits light so it looks like fireflies or something shiny that floats around, you need to add more lighting to the center part since thats what you want to be eye catching since its the main design of the map, so I suggest removing shadows on the tree parts and making adding lamp posts near it or adding part light on the tree. Great work You can charge 5k-10k with the added changes.

By my count each tree in the images of the OP is made up of around 30 faces. Does this not qualify as low-poly?

The lobby looks great! I would personally sell it for 4 to 7k robux. I love the amount of effort and detail you put into the lobby.

@HaxHelper , I think he means to make the trees look not so “blockish” and more cartoony styled. It’s hard to explain but I hope you get what I mean. I do agree with you though that it already should qualify as low poly.

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I say it would be 1k for the minimum and 5k for the maximum. I do not believe it can exceed 5k but it definitely cannot go below 1k. It looks great.

It really depends on the buyer. I would say around ~500 -750R$

I personally think that your lobby could be sold from 500 Robux to 700 Robux. Nice simple lobby.

This would not sell for more than 500, and the fact that it seems kind of niche makes me doubtful you’d even sell it at all.

It looks sloppy and put together really quickly. I suggest moving on and practicing more

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I will be making some modifications and list this build soon for purchase.

Hi There! In my opinion, the lobby isn’t very detailed, and is very spacious. I would sell this for 500-800 R$ do the the overall lack of detail. If you are wanting to tune it up for it to sell more, I suggest different style houses, rather then just 4 of the same houses in a row. Your market stands seem a bit empty, perhaps a little detail there wouldn’t hurt? Your tree is the main attraction in this lobby! I suggest adding some different color sparkle particles to bring a ‘fairy’ vibe to the place! Your trees are very basic as well, I suggest making 3 or 4 different types of trees, and spreading them throughout the map! A few flowers on the group wouldn’t hurt. Perhaps replace the statue with a waterfall to bring a more aesthetic vibe? With these changes in mind, I would sell it for over 1K. Good Luck!

I dig it bruh, and it’s always nice to see something that isn’t the “low poly” style everyone seems to do lately. I like the sorta semi rustic classic style and use of different materials. Doesn’t look too barren or too cluttered, and there’s a good balance in the concentration of objects. Depending on who’s buying the price could vary, but if you were to sell this to a semi big developer I would place it anywhere between 2k to 5k.

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I would say between 1 - 1.5k robux, if you add in more details and different model types, rather than repeating some so frequently you could get more.

This would probably be worth at 500 R$

Nothing in that map is low poly to be honest, Low poly includes the use of Smooth parths, but if he did remake the trees and make it more “blendery” in the sense trees made in bender it would look better.

Lowpoly isn’t determined by the use of smooth parts, it can either define an object’s properties or artstyle.

Personally, I’d value this lobby at around R$1-2K

Well, sell it about 600-700R$.