How Much Is This City Worth?

Hey, Guys, I have recently built a small low poly city map which I think looks pretty cool. I would just like to know how much you guys think this is worth.

Here is the low poly City Map

I might be using this for my future game!
If you have any offer message me on discord or here


5000 robux. The main thing is the trees.


I think this could be nicely utilised for a game that focuses itself around small rounds featuring tight and compact maps. My only concern is that it looks quite narrow and i think you could add some more buildings in. The building quality overall is good though so I think a nice starting price would be around 1-2k but you may have to lower it if you don’t add anything else into the map.


I would say you can sell it for up to 3-4k


2K to 3K. Its relative small but also really nice

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I say sell it for 2-5k. Looks great

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Best price you could get would be around 3.5k, but your more likely to sell it quicker for 1.5-2k. It’s very nice, keep up the good work!


I agree with some others, 4 - 5k is the max I think this would go for.

One, it’s a small city.
Two, There isn’t very many tree’s.


Maybe 2.5-3K I feel that the cartoony low play theme isn’t really presented to a high definition like how there are still sharp edges like in the border hill and maybe some neon with plastic might make the windows look a little better. But hay you still could get a decent price.


I’d say 3-4.5k is a max. Look at the second picture, the house stands out from others in style and it has less detail. The gas station seems rather simple, the roof is too low for big trucks to fit. The main thing about the station is that you can’t really get there: parking lot is on the left, no tracks of road that leads there.
I think that you can sell it up to 10k if you fix the design and fill the empty space. Try your best!

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It is worth around 500 - 1.500 robux. It inst too big.

Yes i think thats a reasonable price.

5k robux. The buildings look awesome, I’d not change anything there. The details on the builds, perfect. The street lights, well made. The environment? That’s the problem. You making those buildings look that good and detailed was a good job. But remember, when you make something well made and detailed, you can’t just cheap out for the rest of the map. You need to keep your style consistent or it won’t look matching.

Generally, I would say add more detail to the road. Having all that detail on the buildings then just one little plane for the entire road is bland looking. Add some lines, some low poly detail, the stuff you did with your buildings. The trees are fine in my opinion, but the grass area is boring. Maybe add a trash can near a tree, low poly grass, flowers, maybe street garbage, tiny rocks, and pebbles. These little details make your scene better. In the city itself, add some trash cans, fire hydrants, maybe a soda cup thrown on the ground, etc.

Once you make the map consistent in detail (make sure the rest of the map looks as good as your buildings and add little details, it will instantly be better. These small changes make huge differences, and it will make your build look much more professional. Doing things like this may bump your map from a 5k robux builds to a 10-15k robux building.