How much is this worth?

How much is this worth?

Hi Developers! I was wondering how much I could sell this for. I was previously told 600-800 Robux.


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Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is being sold under my other account.


Personally I wouldn’t go that high since it is lacking detail and looked like it was made in a few minutes. I would more say 150-250


There isn’t much to it, very plain and dull, looks like it was put together within a span of 10-20 minutes

I’d sell it for 100-200

I wouldn’t expect to sell it for too much. Could really use some improvements.

It wouldn’t sell much since it’s pretty simple and easy to recreate. I think you should find some references for barns (i think?), get ideas from them and implement them. The color doesn’t match this type of build either and you should probably use some wood textures.

I would say add a splash of color and texture to the walls. I like the roof shingle work and 600-800 robux sounds very reasonable.

Honestly, in my opinion this wouldn’t go for more than around 120 - 150R$.

Most likely 200 ,Since there’s not much in the exterior apart from the roof tiles.

It’s very plain, there is no detail, it looks very simple and easy to make and I don’t think you can even buy that for 100 robux. Not enough effort in it, don’t wanna sound harsh but try to step it up a bit more.

Well, I am so sorry, it isn’t worth that much. Maybe sell it in a price around 200R$ ?

Around 50-100 R$, I would say. It’s pretty good, either way! (Also, I just realized that rhymes. Wow.)

It looks nice but it needs some improvement,if you want to sell it like this i would say about 50-100 robux,altho i really like the roof details.

I wouldn’t pay more than 150 for that, it’s pretty basic in all honesty. The exterior is very basic from the screenshot you show where you are far away from the build:
Add some details, break up the stone wall or it’s just plain, dull and boring.

I would say about 100-200 Robux, it is a plain landscape with minimal vegetation and colouration. Improvements could change the quality and change the asking price.

I agree with everyone here; 100-200 robux will do.