How much money do hangout games make?

So recently I have been making a unique style of hangout game, inspired by the Vibe genre but more mellow and close to nature rather than in the city, with Jazz music instead of LoFi music. So, I want to know if hangout games make any money, since money is a main objective when making a game Secondary to having a quality game though :smile: . Also, how can I maximise my profit without making the game without having pay to win gamepasses such as admin? For example, how can I maximize premium payouts?

I would think they make about 75k robux

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I think Hangout games would absolutely MILK premium payout money

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What perks do you think I should add for premium members who play my game?

Maybe premium tag and/or accessories

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I would say a private room maybe a special perk/item

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eh, premium payouts aren’t really much, Roblox did talk about increasing it by 67%, hope that’ll change something

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@0msh @DybalaplaysYT
Do you guys know any good ways to earn robux without premium payouts?

This is quite possibly the way you will get players. Making something new and unique to the usual game genre can really get players interested.

Sure thing! Some players are obsessed with hangout games, they’re a place to come and socialise this can be really appealing to some (especially the younger audience).

Try and maintain a steady flow of players, i’m not sure about you but I wouldn’t really buy a gamepass or developer product in a game that has no players.

The ways you are going to make money is through developer products and gamepasses. You obviously don’t want any major paywalls. Here’s a list of things that you could add and small explanation:

VIP or Premium

You can see that most front page games (best robux makers) have a VIP or something similar. There’s plenty of reasons why this is an excellent gamepass to have.

Most VIP gamepasses have a chat colour, badge, and or above player tag.

Another thing you could include in the gamepass is exclusive items and maybe a small bonus of in-game currency (if you have an economy system). This creates an exclusivity aspect, this is also a great Marketing Strategy that a lot of big real world company’s use. This exclusivity aspect can drive up demand and increase value of the gamepass. By giving exclusivity you can create a feeling of speciality. You could also add a VIP only area, so that all the VIP members can socialise together.

Overall, make a VIP gamepass or something similar that gives users special privileges that the general public is not entitled to.

In-game items/emotes

Another gamepass most front page games have is in-game items such as a boombox. This gives the players the feeling of exclusivity and also gives the players something else to do that again is not available to those who have not purchased it.


You could also add player effects like a trail, walkspeed, etc. This can make the players more appealing to others in the game and can bring attention to the buyer. This also creates a feeling of exclusivity.

Limited Gamepasses

Making limited gamepasses can make the player almost want to buy even if they don’t play the game often purely because there’s a deadline, and once its gone… Its gone!


If you have a currency system then add the option to buy the currency. And add things that gives a reason to buy currency. Maybe you could make it so you only get little currency by obtaining it in-game.

And if you want you could add another currency that you either can’t get in-game period or only get tiny amounts.

VIP Commands

I realise that you don’t want to add admin commands which is totally understandable and I agree with you.

However, you could add VIP commands, these obviously will be harmless to other players but the buyer is able to change their character’s appearance.

There’s plenty more to mention, these are only things I could think of on the spot. Just look at other hangout games and also front page games to get an idea of what you want to add.

Good luck!


Also another good idea would be special pets with VIP.

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Exactly, see? Now you’re coming up with ideas!

Pets are really popular on Roblox. They are put in games even if they are completely irrelevant. The younger audience likes the fact that they can act as the ‘parent’ or ‘career’ figure, and that they can care for it.

You could also add extras that come with each pet, with better extras depending on rarity.


I have a hangout game that has 100-300 players by day. I earn about a 30k-50k


(UPDATE) Changing and adding product helps alot. Now I earn 100-200k believe it or not

Wow. That sounds like a lot. Maybe I should resume development on my hangout game :thinking:

Where did you get such a figure from?

Wait, just realized how long ago that was posted :laughing:.

or else add tiny guy instead pets idk what its called but the small character also popular on catalog

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