How much money should i put into advertisements?

Hello, i was looking for ways to get players for my game and i had a question in my mind. When i was looking for advertisements i saw there was two different ways of doing it. Advertise and sponsor.

I had no idea which one would benefit me more, so i came here to the dev forum to ask you for your opinions.

Should i sponsor or advertise my game? or should i use both?
If there are other methods attracting people to my game then please say so.

UPDATE: What would be a good enough amount to invest? I was thinking of somewhere around 15,000 Robux but would that do?

  • Sponsor
  • Advertise
  • Other

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Advertise, sponsor, request some people to play your game,(but by alts, as if they see the creator doing it himself, some might have a little ego and either they just wouldn’t listen or just dislike the game, depending on what the game is) but also don’t make it way too obvious that alt was made recently, request some ytbers(again same method) to play your game ,sooomtims evn giv cooomissionss.( just kidding, this obviously won’t work)

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I’d say advertise but if you have the pockets for it, both. You would need an interesting ad though. If you’re REALLY looking for players, maybe use group recruiting plaza? It’s not the best but you can at least recruit a few players. You can always ask your friends to join your group and game and like it in support. You can also attract players by showing your creation/update on devforum, perhaps people would join there.Not saying to advertise it because that’s not allowed but it often attracts players to regularly play your game. hope this helps

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What device is your game going for? Do you think it’s be mainly compatible for Mobile/Tablet or PC users?

If you’re going for Mobile/Tablet then definitely run sponsors as advertisements don’t run lol, but also because if you spend at least 300 :robux: on Bidding, it would approximately get around 20,000 impressions.

For PC users, advertisement is the way to go but a lot of users have Ad Blocker installed so it wouldn’t show up expectantly on their screens, so if you do have some investments spend a little on Ads and the rest for bidding since Sponsors work good on both.

Also, take note of the age-groups and range, mobile users tend to have more younger audiences than PC.

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I would rather be going for players from all platforms.

I put other. Sponsorships/ads are nice, but there is at least one other factor that might keep people from clicking play on your game.

Ads and Sponsorships are nice, but make sure your Game Icon is A+ as well; It’s just as important. There are plenty of games I will pass up if the game icon looks like it was given no love. I’m not expecting some type of AAA game cover; it could be super simple. Just make sure that it catches the player’s eye.

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I would recommend sponsoring, as most of ROBLOX’s player base is on mobile. Mobile users cannot see ads, so it would be a better idea to sponsor them.

From a ROBLOX Blog post:

  • Roblox users are spending more and more time on mobile every month. Between January 1, 2015 and May 1, 2016, we hit an average of 10 million hours played per month on iOS and an average of 6 million hours played per month on Android.

More specifically, over 22 million hours of gameplay were recorded on iOS devices in May 2016, which tripled the amount of time spent last year during the same month. Meanwhile, Android devices saw the biggest increase in hours played on May 1, 2016. On a year-over-year basis, the number of hours played quintupled to 18 million hours on Android. That’s enough Roblox to last an entire lifetime!*

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I don’t recommend advertising, most of the people has ad blockers (like me). I’d go with sponsorships, especially if you’ll go for mobile.

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I would go for sponsors because your game can get to the front page.


I’d say you should put more effort into advertising. Finding a target demographic could also increase your chances, There is a multitude of variables that could come into play when deciding this.
Here’s a few examples I could think of~
Are you looking to get back your investment? How patient are you to achieve that goal? Do you want to maintain a high retention rate?

Sponsors from bigger studios or companies can help getting your name out, however in most cases they are short lived. A mix of both would be preferable with a focus on advertising, Independence can lead to wider profit margins (If monetization is present)

Overall it depends on the experience you want to provide for the players.

Hello, im not sure if you really understand what i meant by sponser.
There are two ways to get your game across roblox which are called advertisements and sponsors. Here are some examples.

^ This above is called an advertisements, they are usually put in banners like shown.

^ Above is a sponsor, They are shown by game icons unlike advertisements

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