How much revenue do cosmetic items really generate?

Hello, I’m looking to implement cosmetic items (weapon skins, kill effects, etc.) into my game and I’m wondering if they would actually increase my revenue significantly or not. I’m asking since I’m not sure if they would be worth the hassle and money to add into my game. I know results might vary depending on the game but in your experience, have cosmetic items generated you a lot of revenue?

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According to mightybaseplate, adding skins to CBRO really kicked things off. The payoff will probably be more than the effort in the long run.

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Obviously, things which give a player an advantage in game will probably make more money, though this is at the cost of a fair player experience. Cosmetic items can provide good revenue as well, provided that they are well made, and make the player actually want to own them. A quickly cobbled together cosmetic item will probably not do well in comparison to one you take and spend effort on. I personally think that the revenue return is probably dependent on the effort put into the cosmetic.

A lot of people go crazy when a new skin is released. Personally, for me, I don’t see why because it doesn’t help with the gun or gameplay. I think it will be worth it because there is a ton of hype when a cosmetic(mainly skins) gets released.

You can even release a bunch at once, which you can release as an update. You can then bundle these skins or cosmetics into a pack and sell it for in game money or robux(if you want).

May I know how you would go about making a gun skin?

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