How much robux do I need to spend on sponsorship for my game to get noticed?

Hello there ! I’d like to know how much robux should I invest in sponsorship for my new game . My current ROBUX is 2K . Do you think it is enough to bid in 1K today for example and then 1K the next day ? What are your suggestions/tips and how much do you think I should spend ? And considering I have 2K robux , is it enough for my game to get noticed ?

here’s the game I want to sponsor if you are curious :

Thank you for your time !


Oh , I didn’t know that…I’m just asking how much should I bid in and expected for answers from people with past experience with this , but thank you

First, to answer the question, you need at least 5k to start seeing results. And that’s assuming the icon is effective and the game is ready for the public. With 2k you’re going to be disappointed with the results no matter how good the game and icon are.

That being said, I went ahead and checked out the game. The icon should be revised. Post it over on the art design support forum and the talented artists there will help point you in the right direction.

Here are some notes about your game. Players will judge new games very harshly. Some of these issues should be addressed before advertising to the general public.

  • Very few people will read the info panels at the start. Far too many words.
  • A mute button for the music would be nice.
  • Putting [In Development] in the title could backfire. I might be wrong, but I think public opinion has changed from: ‘Give sympathy to the new project’ to ‘this game isn’t finished and that means it’s bad’.
  • The crossroads between “Current Stages”, “Credits”, and “Start” is confusing. The direction to start the obby should be more obvious. Consider a giant glowing arrow.
  • Donations shouldn’t be a part of this. These donation buttons will cause dislikes. Plus donations are the least profitable kind of in-game purchases. If you’re going to have giant purchase buttons on the screen, just do what the other obbies do and sell overpriced gravity coils or whatever. At least then you could potentially make some robux.
  • The alien plant variations look too similar to each other
  • This obby should not be marketed as a standard obby. When I see the icon and thumbnail, I think ‘oh this will be a pleasant little obby’ but then, to my surprise, it’s crushingly difficult. A lot of people will leave dislikes if this happens to them, because it’ll feel like they’ve been lied to, or that they were tricked into joining. It’s better to have someone not click your game at all than that person to join, dislike, and leave.
  • I quit on stage 18. Jumping between a bunch of 1x1x1 blocks is frustrating in my opinion.

I think ernakou has rapped up what you were looking for. But in my general thoughts, if your being serious on advertising, try not rely too heavily on Roblox(s) Advertising system because most Importantly, it’s far from beginner friendly. You can spend nothing towards it and still get front page, by having a good network of gaming you-tubers or social media. One example is booga booga.

Ask them to play your game, but back to your question. I genuinely don’t think 1k is enough, 10k is where you start seeing changes

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Kinda demotivates me to see how hard is it to get your game popular…There are people out there with awesome games but they just cannot get it work . I sadly am not popular on any kind of social media . But thank you for telling me about the advertising system . I did try to sponsor before , with only 300 robux and 92 people so far clicked on it and 22K+ seen it .

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Don’t ever be demotivated! We all start from rock bottom somewhere, you just have to stay committed all along. Be smart, plan what your gonna do, success won’t come to you. You have to go to it

I’m not that popular myself, so here is what my last project was. I advertised the same amount, and yes I did eventually give up, but that’s motivated me to work on something grater. It’s not all about wether your rich enough to advertise, a large part comes from social-networking.

I believe I’ve said enough, hopefully I was somewhat useful in this topic

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Those are great and wise words and its all true . I am trying to improve myself everyday and considering to start making a greater project way better than the previous and keep doing it until I get to the final product that will eventually bring success . I needed this , thank you ! Also I joined your game and I must say it is awesome and it has big potential ! I love it . You deserve more . Practice makes perfect . Thank you !

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