How much robux does premium payouts pay per hour?

So basically i’ve noticed that when i somtimes accidently forget to exit my games i get robux from premium payouts. I got 500 once. It was pretty random, but i’m asking how much roblox pays you pre hour a premium player has played. As i’ve had multiple premium players recently playing my game, for about 0.5-2 hours. And the stats haven’t shown yet, and i can’t wait to find out how much i made from it. But How much does premium payouts pay?


I highly doubt you can get premium payouts from your own account.

To answer your question, I don’t think its like a “paid per hour” sort of thing, if I remember correctly it depends on how much players play your game compared to other of their favorite games.

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wierd, as i got it when the game was private and i was testing the game in a server not in studio

It may be because of other assets that are publicly available (audio, clothing, ect), because I think premium payout counts for those as well.

Here’s a picture from my game before release

I’ve thought of that too, and It doesn’t work like that.

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Roblox is strict enough. Cause there’s staffs/illegal cash washers selling Robux for 20 USD per 10K. If you buy 100K+ costs <200 USD, if you DevEx, you’ll get 350 USD.
But of course, bought robux cannot be DevEx-ed.