How much robux should I put into sponsoring my game

I want to sponsor my game but, I don’t know how much robux to put in or if it’s a waste or not.
The game I want to sponsor is a tower obby and I’m not sure if people still like tower obbies and I wonder if people will keep coming back after the sponsor.
These are all of my ads I’ve done on my game since October of last year

Game link: [UPDATE] Tower of Challenge - Roblox

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I don’t think people likes tower obbies anymore or not as hyped as they used to be. Regardless, even if tower obbies still popular, you have to competite with a lot of others big and more likable games in the same genre. This is my opinion as a player.


So I did a small 100 robux sponsor and this is what I got

I want to know if I’m targeting the right audience, I did see 1 or 2 players leave and then come back and hour later so I think that was a good thing.
So yeah I just want to know if I should even sponsor this game, as this game used to be a main project but for now it’s a side project, as I have other things I am more focused on. Should I save my robux to sponsor that game or use it on this game shown.

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When I go to the analytics for my game and check the audience it says most of my audience have their account as 18+ (they most likely just set a random date) so should I just sponsor towards 17+?

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