How much robux should I spend on advertisement for my game?

Currently, my game gets around 400-550 concurrent players on a typical weekday, with that number usually going up by 50-100% on weekends. Most days, I usually rack up anywhere from 0.5 to 1+ robux for every player that plays the game.

I don’t usually spend ads on my game. My game has existed for a long time and there’s a niche community around it, and I’d say most players that play are returning players (judging by the badge that is given to new players, only 33% of overall players on a given day are new players). If I spend money on ads, it’s usually a max of 10,000R$ spread out among console, PC, and/or mobile sponsorships.

How much robux a day should I spend to up my concurrent play count by 25%? There’s a huge drop off in players and revenue between weekdays and weekends, and I believe proper advertising is the way to go about this.


Depends on how good and attractive the adds are. If I see that you have replied what the add will look like I can rate it.

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I don’t really use ads. I might start using them again, but in general I’ve heard that they’re not the best option, since most people have an ad block, and they don’t show up on console and mobile devices.

For sponsorships, it’s just the game’s icon that is shown, which is this:


Not bad, i like the lighting id say around 6000 robux would be good

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(No offense at all intended)

are you mad? where is he going to get 6 million robux from lol, unless he really is that rich which would be… crazy assuming that your comment above is a typo @CoolJohnnyboy I would say to start out with minor amounts such as 100 and 400 then if you get players make the amount bigger.


If you spend about 150-250 Robux per ad per 24hr period, you would get anywhere between 12k - 17k impressions, depending on what ad design you choose; banner, skyscraper or rectangle. Also depending on the day.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


If you do decide to run ads, you should really change the first thumbnail players see. The one made from… Rugby? Isn’t really cutting it. Not only does it have weird dimensions, you already have a much better one made by Vytex.

In my opinion, (from a Roblox player’s perspective at least,) you should get rid lf all thumbnails but the one made by Vytex, the other ones aren’t as well-made, and to get as many as players to actually play the game after seeing an ad, you should make the front page of your game as appealing as possible.

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I’m assuming they formatted it wrongly and meant 6,000.


I think that too but u never know?


If your game has hundreds of players do you really need ads? I’m not sure if advertising is as effective when your game is popular enough to be noticed anyway.


You should run a test on your ad, maybe ~100 or more.
Usually ads can be low, like 0.?? or 1-2% (Which turns 4000 robux into only a few clicks). However, If you design and test your ad at the right spot, you can get as high as 11%, turning ~4000 robux into hundreds.

Oh, and if you think your game is self sufficient, you probably dont need ads.

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Sorry I meant 6000 not 6mil typo sry, I changed my post so it won’t confuse anyone else.


I don’t think it’s really possible to get an 11% CTR on an ad. imo 1-2% is good, having a 1-2% CTR will probably generate more clicks than robux spent, it won’t turn 4,000 robux into “only a few clicks.” In addition, having an 11% CTR will probably get you tens of thousands of clicks for 4,000 robux , not just hundreds.

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A group I’m working on got 11% and somewhat flooded our team. It’s hard, but possible.


I mean, hundreds of players IS good, but every time I do a nice robux dump on ads, particularly on the weekends, I can double, sometimes triple, my usually concurrent player count. I’m trying to push for a consistent concurrent player count of around 1,000 (if i achieve this it’s only during weekends); during the week, it usually sits around 400-500, tops.

Hmmmm true. The thumbnail dimensions are weird, but the icon I used from Rugby was actually very good (and cheap!).

Been trying to get into contact with Vytex for a while now hahaha, since the thumbnails he made are ‘kinda outdated,’ as they’re from probably a good year ago, before the big update where I (re-)added boats and whatnot.

Though I’ll be sure to make his thumbnails a priority! Some of the other thumbnails I’ve had for years and don’t want to necessarily get rid of them, so I’ll make sure they only appear at the end.

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Can you provide an image of the ad?