How much robux should my boombox gamepass be?

Hi, I wanted to make a boombox gamepass for my game. I want you guys to think about how much robux the gamepass price should be. It’d help a bit if you guys would get a good price for it. I know I shouldn’t do 250 :robux: because thats the price of the normal gear. If you guys would help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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I’d say 125-200 would be a good price if you want it to be less than an actual boombox. Despite the boombox being 250 robux, people place their boomboxes at 300-400 so I would say going beyond is fine as gears are barely used in roblox now.

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It really depends what type of game you are going for, but generally I see boomboxes go for 250-1000.
500 is probably a decent price though.

Honestly for a gamepass as common across games as a jukebox, just experiment with the price until you get a balance of players buying it and how much you get per purchase that you’re happy with.

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It all depends on the demand for the gamepass, if you feel lots of players would want this in your game charge more, however if it’s a small demand but you still want purchases then charge a smaller price. Good luck on your game and I hope it turns our successful! :slight_smile:

You probably shouldn’t be charging more than 6 bucks. Depending on what Robux to Your Currency unit you use, it shouldn’t go above 600 Roblox.

As long as you don’t make it the main feature of your update and bring little to no content with it after 6+ months without updates and you’re a lazy dev but don’t wanna admit it or at least give a proper reason to why you haven’t done major updates to your game, even if it’s just “I’m lazy lol” (I won’t call anyone out directly as I have no evidence to this), You should be fine with this price.

I would price my Radio Gamepass 100 - 300

100 robux. The player can very much go into Spotify or youtube and listen to any music much easier and faster. The purpose of a boom box is for a player to listen to music and support the creator. Be reasonable especially during a global pandemic.


it really depends on the type of game you have, if its like a hangout type place where people will be closely confined into an area than raise that price higher than tesla’s stock prices but if its like a game where your not really engaging with alot of people like a simulator or tycoon then id say lower it