How much robux to sponsor for?

I’ve been trying to make some of my games popular but no matter how much I sponsor for nothing works. I’m not sure what the correct amount to sponsor for is, as I’ve poured anywhere from 5k-100k a day during holidays, weekends, week days and the maximum CCU my games reach is 25-80 - no matter which game it is.

I’ve tried both high quality GFX, simple text and even clickbait for my icons yet nothing works, can anyone guide me in the right direction? Pouring millions of robux in total into sponsors yet seeing minimal returns is extremely demotivating.

Do your games maintain those 25-80 CCU or do they tend to stop once your sponsorships stop running?

They usually tend to stay at around 15ish players once the sponsorship ends

What genre of games are you sponsoring?

I’ve tried it on 4 of my high quality obby games, my speedruning game as well as one of those race clicker cashgrabs (just for reference but it seemed to get the same results so it’s clearly not the effort that affects it)

The issue with sponsoring obby games is that you will end up achieving one of two outcomes:

  • The player completes the obby and leaves. They will never play again.
  • The player rage quits or just leaves. They will never play again.

Notice how in both outcomes, you are unable to retain a new player. Roblox will look at these analytics when determining whether to recommend the game to more people or not. Along with this, the second outcome will likely result in the player leaving a dislike, hurting your game’s rating.

Roblox will obviously also factor in other analytics such as monetization, which obby games will certainly lack because of their audience and their nature.

Even without these taken into account, sponsoring a game via Roblox’s sponsoring system is already incredibly hard because of competition. I would personally recommend you stop using it if you still want to pursue making obby games and instead try advertising on social media in hopes you find a specific audience of players who want to a play a game like yours.

Besides that, make sure your game has unique features that other similar games don’t commonly have. As a developer, you have to ask yourself if a player would want to choose your game over another established game in your genre. If the answer is no, I would highly recommend you go back to the drawing board before releasing it.


Focus on retention (keeping players in the game after multiple days).