How much robux will I generally need for a decent game launch

I’m trying to advertise this game

I have about 4k robux and the game seems good (to me atleast lol), and I’ve been wondering how much robux will I generally need to spend on ads so the game launch would be safe and would put it in a decent position to where it could profit off of it and wouldn’t need external funds to keep itself going

(this taking into account that the ad itself would get a 1%+ CTR)


Hello, 4k is enough to start a game, you will earn some funds from people playing the game. You can invest the new funds directly into new ads. Your game will not be the best earning game from the beginning, but if you keep trying it will definitely work!


ok so you need to start with about 1000 r$ the cheapest way to make a ad and see how it goes if it goes well add some r$ to your ad

do you think I should spend it over the course of two days or one

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I think it’s the best option to start with 1000 Robux investment in the ads. You can see how it goes and if you are fine with it you can invest another 1000 Robux. It’s not smart to invest everything one day, I think you need to wait a few days or so. That’s the safest way to check if it’s profitable. I hope this answers your question.

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I’d say 1k+ at the minimum, which the more is merrier. People say to do either sponsors or ads, but I’d say both.


At least 5k assuming the ad’s CTR is good. 1% is not a good CTR. Always do test runs on ads before big spending. Test many ads at once to figure out which are most effective. Focus on getting people to spend time in your game first. Worry about the money later. That will come naturally if the player base is stable.

Lastly, I don’t think advertising this is a good idea right now. The visuals are incredible but the gameplay seems like it will confuse people. Work on improving the gameplay and new player experience. I can guarantee with near 100% certainty that you won’t make your money back if you advertise this in its current state.

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you can advertise it 500 Robux per day so people will see it often

You don’t necessarily need a specific amount of robux. If you are a full stack developer, you can get around with little to none. Let me bring it into comparison… I’ve worked with games such as Legendary Football and Football Fusion. Legendary Football never ran a single ad, as it could rely off of football season hype. It is all very much based around how the community is feeling. Think of the same ways that battle royale games took off when PUBG and Fortnite came around. While I know this is a VERY rare occasion, you just got to figure it out for yourself. Only advertise as much as you can afford and try to pay attention to peak times for your game. Use that to your advantage and run ads around that time. If you aren’t profiting, then reevaluate your strategy. As usual… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

From experience:

Do not, do not, do not invest a ton of Robux in ads. Do not.

Why? It doesn’t do anything. You might get 500 plays, sure, but then your game immediately dies. Oh by the way, 20K Robux will get you those 500-1k plays.

What to do? Find some one semi-popular on social media that can promote your game. I’ve learned the hard way that’s the most ideal way to get your game known.

I hate to see people lose hundreds of dollars worth of Robux on ads that do absolutely nothing long-term.

To answer your question, smaller amounts of Robux gets the job done. 3k is an appreciable bid.

Do you mind me asking on what ways I can improve the gameplay?, Speaking from your experience of playing it.