How much server ram do i get if i up my server count?

I’m a game creator of a game called FSRP. I have some light lag issues on my ELS (Emergency Lighting System) because of the amount of players that are in my game. Right now my game can hold up to 30 players a server and we usually have a couple that get full. I’m wondering how many more people we can add to the player count to get more ram for server side scripts and systems. (Sorry if any of this information sounds out of wack I’m not used to this kind of information, I normally stick to building)

To make my question a little bit clearer out of this explanation.

How much ram if you are to have a 50 player count coma paired to 30 members or 60, 70 , 80, etcc…

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The Ram of the game usually depends on how many parts are placed in a certain area, So considering that players have a lot of parts too, i would recommend making your player count less if you are using R15 Body types, cause they tend to make more lag.

we are using R6 and are part count is around 115,000 parts

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specifically, the messages by @ScottyMcPiper and @Maelstronomer